Thursday, April 10, 2008

Truly, Madly Deeply

My married lover is still well and truly in the picture and silly me is still truly, madly deeply in lurve.

This is probably the most illogical thing I have ever done. Though I feel it will all end in tears (mine) I can't deny the fact that he gives me THE BEST SEX I HAVE EVER HAD and believe me I have had A LOT of sex. This is the real Mcoy with a capital M baby!

Sounds shallow (it probably is) but its deep too.... we talk, he's a lovely, likeable, funny, gorgeous, caring, sexy, guy,...... the fact that he's blooming filthy too is just a bonus!


A touch of Kink

I went out on a booty call to a regular client the other night and had loads of fun dressing to please.

I love to go visit a client (especially shyer ones) wearing no knickers, crotchless fishnets, HIGH heels, a VERY short excuse for a skirt, LOW LOW cut cleavage, no bra and for a touch of kink my studded leather collar.

I love the way my clients eyes popped out of his head as I slowly revealed all this to him and rubbing his crotch as his hardness strained in his trousers.

I love to tease its guaranteed to get me ready and wet. I love to slowly strip, to accidentally on purpose reveal flesh while pretending to be distracted on some mundane subject.

Anyway we had a lot of fun and said client was like putty in my hands. He licked me forever and made sure I was well satisfied before he finally got the attention he needed.

As I left I told him that next time I would get 'Chris', a young and rampant stud to fuck me silly and make me scream with delight while he sits and watches and masturbates... It's a great trick of mine.. I usually get my fantasies met by planting a seed in a client's head and then forgetting about it. Later after they've been thinking about it for some time they usually ask me if its possible to do (said fantasy) and i make them feel like it was their idea and a great one too!

Are you listening ladies?

The Student Is Ready!

Am really pleased to say that the Master answered all my questions with all the right answers and suffice to say is still my (occasional) Master for playtimes when i'm feeling extra kinky.

After our last (foursome) encounter we went back to our famous car park late one night and had more fun in the camper van which entailed in my face being fucked by and being made to suck and deep throat three cocks (including one very large one to completion).

NB: Dont be confused by the words "being made to...." I loved every minute!

My training continues.

Actually, my Master has promised to take me to the famous Rios (naturist/swingers sauna) in north London (made even more famous by Suzanne Portnoy in her book, The Butcher the Baker the Candlestick Maker).

I asked him what he has in mind for me and was told that he would hold me down while others fuck and come in my mouth... Sounds like the makings of some fun.

Actually what's really turning me on is the thought of being able to exercise my exhibitionist streak and parade around totally naked for all to see. Now that will get me really wet (is already!).

And as I tease my Master will pick out two or more (probably well endowed) guys to share me with. Happy days!


Thursday, February 28, 2008

Shocking But Definitely Not Boring

In my excitement, I told my friend and ex client CB about my foursome experience.

He was speechless.

"I'm shocked" he said. And not much else. Well not immediately anyway.

Later he told me he couldn't concentrate at work because pictures of me having said foursome kept entering his head.

I do remember him asking me (on two seperate occasions) if there were pictures/video (tho not specifically asking to see any).

There aren't.

I told him there aren't. Twice.

I'm sensing the word shock might be replaced by intrigued, curious, envious maybe :-)

God Love him.

I guess he could never call me boring.


Having loads of fun!

The Foursome Has Mileage

Saw my Top friend and client MS tonight. He's technically a client - he pays (very well actually) - but somehow it doesn't feel right to call him (and my other long term clients) that anymore since he's been seeing me for more than two years now.

We sat chatting with a glass of something, catching up and putting the world to rights before retiring to his bedroom.

I got him going by relaying blow by blow the story of my foursome while slowly undressing and fondling myself for him. He loved this and was both shocked and turned on by my words and my display.

I really enjoyed teasing him, getting and keeping him aroused then making him wait while I pleasured myself. It certainly didn't take very long before his cock was straining to be released from his trousers for some action.

Story telling, fantasy sharing, oral pleasure and mutual masturbation followed while we watched a carefully chosen DVD of scenes of wanton women being shared by horny men and enjoying the ultimate pleasure of threesomes, foursomes and moresomes (are you sensing a theme here, lol).

Until M could hold back no longer and came splendidly by his own hand.

Wonderful, lazy, slow cooked pleasure.

Nice work!


PS. And no he didn't penetrate me. He never has in the two years i've known him. Everyone's different. And you don't see me complaining. Like I say nice work..

PPS. Master M is back tomorrow. He's been away for a week on business and has summoned me to the car park. Not sure I will go (I haven't responded yet - rebellious sub that I am). I have a few personal concerns and want the opportunity to discuss them with him and see how he responds. It's still early days and I want to be certain he has my best interests (and not just his own) in mind. Communication.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

How Could I Possibly Refuse?

An ex client rang out of the blue last night saying he wanted to make my cunt drip and fill my mouth again.

How could i possibly forget how he used to arouse and tease me for hours often while i was tied up and helpless.

He knows how I like my pussy cheekily slapped and exactly how to gag me with his cock while he licks me to orgasm.

We've set a date.

Happy days!


Monday, February 18, 2008

Getting My Needs Met

I've been stood up for tonight by my new potential sugar daddy who was called away on business. It's the second time he's let me down at the last minute meaning we've been unable to consummate our relationship so i'm a tad pissed off. So far he's texted and called but i've ignored him and left my voicemail to deal with it.

It's not a good start. He will have to treat me better if this is to go anywhere. That's if i decide to see him at all.

Anyway enough of that. I thought i'd use the unexpected free time to tell you what happened yesterday:

I met 'D' from the online swinging site. Yes swinging is about couples sharing eachother with other singles/couples but there's also lots of high sex drive singles looking to get laid with other singles (or couples) and as I say, if you're a single female you can pretty much have your pick of the bunch so set your standards high!

Anyway, you'll remember that D was the second (and only other) person after Master M that was shortlisted from all the 'applicants' that responded to my ad.

I had to ask Master M's permission to sleep with him and after thinking about it for a day (making me wait for his answer) he said I could with the following condition.

"You will have to tell him you are a sub and already owned and your Master has given you permission to play away"

I wanted to get laid and so of course I agreed.

I arrived at the hotel room in the afternoon and knocked confidently on the door to be greeted by a good looking young man around six feet tall and with a footballers body and very kissable looking lips. Kind of rugged and ready. Perfect. He smiled.

We said hello and kissed for a while but we were both pretty horny so it wasn't long before the clothes started to come off.

I remember him complimenting me enthusiastically on my sexy underwear which earned him instant brownie points. Makes making an effort worthwhile.

He was very confident, quite dominant and had plenty of stamina.

Earlier in the day he'd texted me saying:

So what turns you on then sexy? What should I do to you in order to make you
scream with delight?"
I took full advantage of the opportunity to state my needs and replied

"LOL (laughs out loud), Lots of kissing and foreplay, tease me, talk dirty to
me, let me suck you, make me deep throat you, enjoy yourself, get me
really wet, take me from behind, do me nice and hard, you know, the usual! LOL"
He/We did all that and more. :-)

He left saying "We should do this more often?"

I shall have to see what my Master thinks about that. Though to be fair he did say my 'partner' was welcome too!

That night I received a text from Master saying:

"Did my sub get fucked?"

I replied

"Yes Master. I got fucked.. Thank you. X"


Saturday, February 16, 2008

I Might Be A Whore But I'm Very Particular About Who I Spend My Time With

I was chatting to a close male friend yesterday and he said it was either feast or famine with me. He was talking about my sex life.

I said it was like buses none for ages and then they all come along at once and his response was:

"The problem is your bus is always a number 69!" Funny.

Anyway i consider myself very lucky as I have lots of mainly male friends that I can confide in and discuss my sex life with both frankly and explicitly so I never have to bottle things up.

I have a great support system and plenty of advice on tap.

Most of them think my unconventional sex life is pure entertainment and generally can't wait for the next instalment.

Ok so it's been a while since I've been blogging so I thought I would come and do an update and endeavour to post on here more regularly.

So what's been happening?

Mmm, the married man that i fell in love with??

Ermm, i'm still in love with him and he's still married..

We still see eachother as regularly as possiblewhich is not very often at all really (monthly), and it's heartache all round. Lots of battling with emotions on both sides.

So why am i still seeing him i hear you cry. Because i love him, i love being with him and he is everything i want in a man (apart from being unavailable).

We have mutual pleasure and that's it. I'm guessing one of us will get fed up or be strong enough to walk away at some point.

How do i cope with it? I see other men so i am not focussed on him and how painful it is not to be with him when i want to be. I have my cake and eat it just like he does.

Hey i'm just trying to be the realistic woman as opposed to the dumb one who waits for something that's never going to happen.

So what else?

Well... the last post A fantasy fulfilled... is all absolutely true. Shocked? No one's forcing you to read it.

And how did that come about?

Well being sexually submissive I haven't really had any kind of real outlet for my deepest and true sexual desires for several years since my first (and only) Dom (Dominant Master) moved overseas.

Personally I dont feel that my escort work is an appropriate place for me to explore my submissive desires mainly because I need a constant and committed male Dom to play with.

Its such a deep emotional relationship that it's not really something you just play at. You can but its not the same.

Apart from that most of my clients are attracted to me because I am sexually confident (that's not to say that a submissive isn't, just that she looks to her sexual partner for direction in order to fully express it) and wouldn't really know how to deal with me as a sub and therefore we would all be left unsatisfied which will not do.

I've messed about with boyfriends with various aspects of submissiveness but they could never 'get it' like a Dom does. And much as I love sex (of course) and have a fantastic sex life with clients as well as boyfriends it's that ability to be taken to the edge that really does it for me.

I will explain what the whole being submissive thing is all about (at least to me) another time but suffice to say I decided I could no longer supress my feelings any longer so I sought out a new sexual partner.

Online swinging/dating site. High ratio of men to women the odds are you WILL get a hell of a lot of replies if you are a single female. I posted my ad and a few saucy pics and...

I got about 170 replies (it took me bloody ages but i went through them all one by one).

However ladies, we are definitely talking quantity not quality

Most were pricks (quite literally). I mean seriously does someone really think that sending a picture of his erect cock and a dumb note saying hi gorgeous/sexy/darling/whatshername I think you're lovely, i would like to meet you and give you a real good rogering lets get together hope you get in touch soon darling i love to lick pussy for hours.... is going to attract a woman? Well maybe, but definitely not this woman.

Ok so about 150 of the 170 were deleted either for the above reason or because they were just plain unoriginal, thick, boring, fat, ugly, had just sent me a cut and paste message to me that didn't even include my name (or worse had the name of the last person they sent it to intact or because they simply had nothing much to offer (ok they are looking for sex not a wife, but i tend to like a bit of personality and intelligence with my sex).

The other 20 was shortlisted to a grand total of 2.

Number 2 I am meeting tomorrow hopefully for an afternoon of pleasure just for the hell of it. He's 25 if I remember rightly and i'm looking forward to some young flesh. Actually he called me today and sounded lovely and very confident.

The first successful candidate (hallelujah!) was Mr Dominant who facilitated the wonderful encounter I had last night. He's a pervert, i'm a pervert, perfect.

I wont repeat his message here as I dont have his permission but in it he was intelligent, intriguing, interesting, confident and very tempting. He said all the right things and ticked all the right boxes.

We texted, emailed, talked on the phone, met up and hit it off. And here we are at the start of a beautiful relationship.

I use the term relationship loosely here. We are not boyfriend or girlfriend. We are lovers, we play, we have fantasies which fit.

Anyway I have been told by other male friend and confidante that i am a bad bad bad girl!

Ladies you have no reason not to be having sex (that's assuming you want it). Just get yourself on the internet on any number of dating, swinging, friendship and social networking sites. If youwant to know where I put my ad just ask. :-)

A little advice though if you don't want to waste loads of time. Know exactly what (who) you are looking for, be focussed be ruthless and above all be careful and sensible.

Make sure someone knows exactly where you are going and who with. End of lecture.

So what about business?

Well, I am meeting a new sugar daddy in London. Staying overnight with him in 5 star hotel (of course and he is on probation). Not quite sure what to make of him but will certainly know after spending the night with him.

Remember I said before I was going to be choosy about who I worked with. High calibre only need apply.

You must be very rich, very generous, very confident, a gentleman, a generous and experienced lover, bright, sucessful (or ambitious) intelligent, interesting, imaginative and fun to be with.

Confused? I'm not. I might be a whore/kept woman or whatever you wanna call me, but i'm very particular about who i spend my time with, and since i only see regular clients now and not one off's that's my criteria and it works VERY nicely thank you very much.

There's loads more including a move back to the smoke but you'll have to wait till another time for that.

Hope you're having fun, I am.

A Long Time Fantasy Fulfilled and All Expectations Exceeded!

My Master took me to a car park near Arundel late one evening.

The car park was deserted save for a camper van and one other car.

I was dressed exactly as I had been instructed by my Master.

Short skirt and shirt/blouse and no bra or knickers.
The words 'ready for action' probably spring to mind.

My own personal added touch was black crotchless fishnets for easy access.

We parked opposite and facing the camper van.

We discussed whether or not we thought anyone was in the camper van.

Master undid a couple of buttons on my blouse to expose my breasts.

"We'll have to see if we can get you fucked in the camper," he said prophetically.

I was already quite aroused since my Master had been fondling and stroking my breasts and thigh throughout the drive.

Also because I had been anticipating this night for over a week.

"This has been playing on your mind hasn't it?" Master quite correctly stated.

"Yes" I replied. "A lot".

There was indeed someone on the camper van as we both noticed a red light as someone lit a cigarette.

Master made sure my breast was nicely exposed and turned on the interior light in the car.

"Lets give them a look" he said openly fondling my breast for a few seconds before turning the light off again.

I simply kept my gaze and focus on my Master.

Master knew how nervous and excited I was and I knew I was in the safe hands of a very experienced Master.

"Open your legs" he demanded "Lean back and make yourself comfortable"

He leaned over me pressing buttons and the electric seats moved until I was in a half reclined position. I enjoyed him pressing his body against me.

I opened my legs and again he turned on the light as he fondled my breasts and pussy.

My pussy was very wet as he explored me confidently with his fingers. Off went the light.

"Look" he said gesturing at the camper. "Can you see someone moving about in the shadows?"

I could!

"Lets give them another look" he turned on the light and left it on as he played with me in full view.

I was so aroused I didn't care who might or might not be watching and I opened my legs so my Master could access my pussy with ease.

"Right come on let's go" said Master.

He handed me a jacket to make sure I stayed warm and Off we went towards the camper van!

My heart was racing.

A guy was at the door and he and Master said hi.

"Do you want a cup of tea" said the guy which was obviously code for something that had absolutely nothing to do with tea.

"Yeah, that would be nice" said Master and guided me into the camper.

It was that easy!

Once inside we were directed to one end which was a u shape of padded seats and very comfortable indeed.

"I was just watching tv.. Porno" said the guy "Do you wanna watch TV?"

"Yeah why not" said Master "Are there any big cocks on there" I grinned at Master.

"Tea or Coffee" called the guy from the kitchen at the other end.

"No thanks" said Master. So did i. Master had other things on his mind.

Master started stroking my breasts and kissing me and the guy came back in and joined us on the padded seats. He watched as Master teased my breasts and pussy.

"Do you want to see her breasts?" said Master "She's got great tits".

"Yeah go on then" said the guy enthusiastically.

Master took both my breasts out and showed them proudly to the guy.

"Open your legs" said Master gently. I obliged and opened my legs wide so bothMaster and the guy could see everything.

She's beautiful isnt she" he said to the guy as he started fondling me in full view encouraging me to open my legs wider.

"Yes she's lovely" said the guy. "Am I allowed to touch?" he asked politely.

"Yeah of course you can, she'd love that" said Master.

With no further encouragement needed the guy came and sat next to me on the other side to Master and started kissing and stroking my breasts.

Then he started working his fingers into my pussy till I couldn't help but start moaning.
It felt good, and I told him so.

He was really giving me a good frigging with his fingers and I could feel myself getting even wetter as I surrendered to what was happening.

It was completely surreal. I had this random randy stranger on one side pleasuring my cunt with his fingers fondling, kissing and sucking my right breast and Master on the other side wanking himself and working on my left breast while holding my legs open for the guy.

It felt wonderful to have the attention of two men and I held on to them both as they pleasured me.

"Go on suck my cock" said Master standing up in front of me.

I'd been thinking about sucking his cock for days and didn't need persuading.

I took Masters cock and sucked it with enthusiasm.

"She's a great cocksucker this one. Go on take it nice and deep. Good girl" he said forcing himself to the back of my throat.

I had a good suck on Masters cock and was loving it then I heard him say.

"You can fuck her if you want. She loves cock"

"Can I?" said the guy.

"Yeah, sure.. as long as you've got condoms, she's a real dirty slut"


"Go on suck his cock", "You're gonna love this mate"

I obliged and started to give the stranger one of my special blow jobs.

I wanted Master to be proud.

It wasn't at all hard to be enthusiastic I was in heaven.

I licked and sucked for a while and took him nice and deep but he pulled away.

I think if he hadn't he would have come.

He licked my pussy preparing me as he and Master held my legs open.

Master continued to wank himself off and play with me.

It was great to be enjoyed by two horny men and to feel a strangers tongue working hungrily on my clit.

He and Master discussed about being bi and the next thing I knew he was sucking Master off.

I was shocked. Master caught my eye.

"Go on watch him suck me off" he ordered.

I did as i was told and was surprisingly turned on by the sight.

Go on suck him some more Master said and joined me in licking and sucking the guys cock.
It was fun.

"I will fuck her first" said Master who proceeded to first take me from behind and then fuck me from the front with my legs wide open.

Masters cock felt wonderful and hard and big inside me.

He knew what he was doing. He was without question the Master.

"Are there any otherr guys?" said Master.

The guy popped outside and within seconds another guy turned up.

The two guys stood wanking as they watched Master giving me a good fucking.

"Go on you fuck her now" said Master.

The first guy took his turn to fuck me as Master held my legs open for him.

"She's my sub bitch" I heard Master telling the second guy

"Is she" said the the guy

"Yeah" said Master "She does whatever i tell her to. She's a filthy slut"

"Blimey" said the guy

"Do you wanna fuck her as well? She's addicted to cock"

"It'd be rude not to" said the guy

"Do you want some more cock?" Master asked me.

"Yes please" I said thinking 'be rude not to' and knowing in any case that it was a rhetorical question.

The first guy moved over and the new guy, enocuraged by Master made me suck him off.

After a while the guy said. "I'll tell you what, she knows how to suck a good cock don't she.
"Yes," said Master, "she's excellent at sucking cock. The best"

The guy spread my legs and knelt down and started to lick me out hungrily.

After a while of enjoying being licked he put the condom on and held my legs up in the air and started to pump me. I was loving every second.

I winked and smiled at Master who smiled back as he was holding one leg to keep me open for the guy.

"Are you enjoying that?" said the guy.

"Yes" I said, and I was but his cock was much smaller than Masters and so I was pleased when after a few minutes Master took over again.

"Let me fuck her now"

Master fucked me in a number of different positions. I couldn't even tell you.

As he was fucking me he told me to suck the (can't remember which) guy again so I was being fucked at one end and sucking this guy off at the other end.

Master was really giving me a good seeing too. I needed that so bad.

It was wonderful having him going at me and I was moaning with pleasure as he pumped in and out of me with his perfect cock. And of course there was our audience...

The two other guys were standing wanking as they watched me getting fucked by my Master When Master was done with fucking me he made me lie back and spread my legs to display my pussy and play with my clit while the three of them watched and wanked.

They were all three of them encouraging me saying "rub that clit", "go on", "faster",etc.

It was fantastic to have them all so horny and all focussing on me.

Then Master suddenly said "are you ready to take my load now"and stood before me wanking until he did indeed shoot his full load into my mouth.

I tried not to spill any and swallowed but some ended up on my face.

"Come on lets go".

We exchanged pleasantries. I thanked the guy for the "cup of tea" and he gave me a quick peck and we were off.


I can't believe that happened it was completely surreal.

I have played that fantasy out in my head hundreds of times and last night I lived it for real!

I have been grinning like a Cheshire cat ever since.

The icing on the cake...
Driving back Master told me I did everything absolutely right and that I had exactly the right attitude and that he was very pleased with me.

My training continues.

I got home around 1.00 am and in bed I played with myself reliving the evenings events.

I had the strongest orgasm I can remember before drifting off into the deepest sleep.

Next morning i texted Master with an accurate precis:

"Master I loved being your slut and having fun with you last night it was
amazing.I had 3 cocks! It was wonderful being fucked while others watched and
wanked then took their turn and having a guy either side and at each end. I
absolutely loved being controlled by you i felt connected to you throughout.
Thank you Master. From your happy slut, Emma.X ps. I'm really happy that i
pleased you Masterthat's what i really wanted.

He replied:

"You're a total slut and very submissive. I enjoyed controlling you"

I jokingly said

"Please Sir, may i have some more?"

Then after he said

"Bigger cocks next time and I will also make you lick pussy while i take you
from behind soon. Your tongue lapping up a juicy pussy is what you need and what
i will demand"

We have another meeting at the car park within the week i await my instructions.


Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hippy Dippy Shit #2

There are Positive,
Long Term Connections
To Be Made
should you
Put Yourself Out There.

Hippy Dippy Shit #1

Believe in Yourself
Trust Your Intuition
and you could see
Some of Your Wildest Dreams Come True.

Saturday, October 27, 2007


The part time live in lover arrangement that I mentioned before has begun but this man is so busy and so in and out of the country that once a week is really once a fortnight at the moment which suits me fine. This man has offered me a (seperate) place in London if I want it (not sure about that tho a London base might be worth considering since I do all my entertaining in the City). He's a bit posh and very sweet and has a pied a terre near the Houses of Parliament. I think he's a corporate lawyer or something like that. He tips very well but his bedroom style is start-stop-sleep-start-stop-sleep and bang once again early in the morning for good measure. He did do the gentlemanly thing and bring me off manually but overall I was left wanting more. But hey, like I said he tips very well and really he's a bit of a stud (three times a night) for his years!

A Steady Flow of Rich Suitors!

Have found a gorgeous man that ticks almost ALL the boxes...

Problem is HE'S BLOODY MARRIED!!! Typical!

However still having lots of dates and loads of fun.

Last night I stayed at the five star Langham Hilton in London's West End (alone.. he stayed all afternoon then went home to his wife).

Apart from being gorgeous, hot and great company, he was really sweet and loaded up the tab so I could have anything I wanted on room service (I did). He also left me a generous wad of shopping money so I made the most of my luxurious surroundings. Shame he had to leave though.

Late night shopping in Oxford Street was fun. Its feeling like Christmas!

A 'maid' knocked in the evening and asked me if I wanted her to turn the bed down which I thought was hysterical.. I thought she wanted to tuck me in!

On the breakfast menu I noticed they had half a pink grapefruit for £4.50 !! Bloody hell, you could make a fortune if I sold whole grapefruits at £9 each! Not to mention the tray charge. One whole (pink) grapefruit including tray charge = £12 !!

Had dinner at a Loch Fyne in Surrey this week and was truly disappointed with the food. Great service (and wine) though and negotiated another new (and wealthy) long term client. We have arranged an afternoon+overnight date in the City to consummate our relationship.

When I think of the amount of money I used to spend on advertising in the past! Now all my marketing is absolutely completely free (true) and creates a steady flow of ready and willing rich suitors. The calibre is exemplary and now I really understand what it means to be choosy.

Am going on a STRICT diet on Monday all this wining and dining is beginning to stick. I'm about to become the incredible shrinking woman.

Having LOADS of fun

PS. I only watched the first episode of Billie Piper which was a real disappointment! It is so NOT like that.. not for me anyway!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Billie Piper. Belle de Jour, Secret Diary of a London Callgirl.

ITV2's much hyped 'The Secret Diary of a London Call Girl' based on the writings of blogging escort 'Belle' and played by Billie Piper starts tomorrow. I have to admit i'm one of those who is undecided as to whether or not Belle is/was really a bona fide call girl or whether its all just fiction. I read both of her books and thought they were a little too light hearted for a real working girl. Most working girls I know of (including myself) have much more colourful stories to tell. That's not to say it's not all true, just that Belles' books give one persons limited viewpoint and should not be mistaken for more than that. I'm sure Belle would be the first to admit it's her story and not the story of all call girls.
So, will I be watching? Yes definitely. If only to shout at the tv when I spot the deliberate mistakes such as high class escorts/working girls do not dress as (pre-transformation) Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman when walking down the street or into 5* hotels. One of the first lessons in how to be a call girl 101 is be discreet. However what you wear in the bedroom is another matter entirely.
Last night's ITV1 doumentary 'Call Girls: The Truth' was a great example of working girls all being completely different including the married woman with four children who chose to be an escort as a career move that fulfilled all her likes/dislikes/strengths/weaknesses. Once she had brainstormed that escorting would be the perfect fulfilling role for her she convinced her husband (?) and away she went. Only thing I wasn't so sure about was that she'd kind of set herself up as some kind of pseudo sexual therapist whose aim was to "move her clients into a real relationship" as quickly as possible.
Much more fun was the girl who saw it as having a great lifestyle, travelling the world and seeing lots of different guys who happen to spend A LOT of money on her (more how I see it).
Interesting to note was that while I myself ran a number of small businesses to pay my way through university many students are now turning to escorting between lectures to avoid the student debt trap. One of the students that was featured said "We're students, we're supposed to be getting it anyway so why not get paid for it", which I thought was a great attitude. Now why didn't I think of that at uni???
The ITV documentary was obviously screened to coincide with the Billie Piper/Belle de Jour drama and gave a wider insight into the world of real working girls than the books (and possibly the drama-don't know haven't seen it yet) and I think it's great that stereotypical views of escorting continue to be turned upside down.
Having loads of fun,

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sex with a 28 Stone Man!

Or not as the case may be. My friend laughed out so loud when I told this old story, I thought i'd share it with you dear diary readers:

Now what does a professional escort do when she arrives at a clients address is guided on the phone up the stairs, walks into the bedroom to come face to face with said client and he is flat on his back, stark b****ck naked on the bed and..... complete with oxygen and 28 stones heavy?

I kid you not.

Well it's not multiple choice so I will tell you exactly what I did. I kept an absolutely straight face, cracked one of my biggest smiles and said Hi, I'm 'M'. Ever the professional I sat and had a good old getting to know you chit chat with what turned out to be a rather interesting person asked him what he would like to do and when he said he wanted me to ride him I got naked too and did my best to oblige.

However, Stop! Have you ever tried shagging a 28 stone man? Thought not.

Well neither had I, and the minute I tried to straddle him I knew we had a problem.. as in I couldn't. He was just too big for me to manouvre my body. Not meaning to be rude but it was like sitting asride the biggest horse you can imagine and not quite being able to get your legs round.

Hang on. Rewind! First of all I had to work out how to get his dick inside me. Easier said than done. You see his belly was in the way, hanging down like he was carrying quadruplets. I needed more than two hands to push all the the rolls of fat up and out of the way and hold it there while at the same time monouvering his cock into me.

The minute I let go to guide him inside the rolls of fat would come rolling down. Apart from the fat, (sorry, I mean fact) that he was just so wide it was like sitting astride a bucking bronco that I couldn't quite sit straight (or comfortable on).

So I tried a new tactic starting by standing up with a plan of gently lowering myself onto his prick but that didn't work either. His humungous belly was just in the way.

I don't like to be defeated but I can tell you I tried every which way you can think of (he just lay there). It was like climbing over this big climbing frame, I was positively sweating.

In the end I wanked him off and aimed his spurting come at my tits.
We both had a laugh about it all. However. Never again.

Having a blast.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Dream Car.

I saw three Aston Martins in the space of about half an hour in the City (of London) this week. I commented to my cabbie and he said ''oh everyone's got an Aston Martin in the City these days. If it's not the finance boys it's the City lawyers..."
Just as well I fancy a Bentley then. Can't be having the same as everyone else can we. Lol.
PS. Have you ever seen the abseiling window cleaners hanging off the sides of those towering glass buildings in the City. I'm scared of heights myself but they look like they really enjoy their work.

Don't Believe The Hype.

He said he was a big hot shot lawyer, senior partner in a city law firm. The boss. He also said that he did 100 press ups every morning, used to play rugby and that I should give him a try as I would find that he's pretty hot in bed. Intrigued, I was. I told him I was voluptuous and when he asked me 'how voluptuous?' I told him I was more Nigella Lawson than Dawn French. We exchanged a few steamy text messages over the weekend and arranged for him to nick out of work early on Monday afternoon. We met in the Knights Templar in Chancery lane had a quick drink and he told me how sexy I was, he had a hard on and that when I finished my glass of wine he was gonna take me to a nice hotel and f**k the arse off me all afternoon. He reminded me of a pot bellied pig and I said before we fucked he would have to show me some press-ups (seriously). Waiting outside for the taxi I caught him checking me out. In the taxi he couldn't keep his hands off my breasts and my legs. I had a short skirt on so I made sure he got a good look and a good feel. By the time we got to the hotel I was hot. I kept him to the press-up test but the pot bellied pig cheated. Press ups too fast and not full range of motion more bounce than strength (sorry, ex personal trainer in me). He was a good kisser, however, when we got naked and much as we tried (and we tried) he just could not get it up.... He couldn't even get me off with his tongue.. Just as I was about to spill over the edge he got tired.. I finished myself off. He went back to work after sticking me in cab and sending me on my way. Disappointing.

Shagging You is Part of the Deal.

Had dinner in Covent Garden twice last week. RB took me to Clos Maggiore, very nice I had squid, fish, gorgeous seaweed and quite a bit of red wine and then we took a taxi to his place in the Borough where he fed me a line that his wife doesn't understand him and they hadn't had sex for a year - yeah right! Darling it's not me that needs convincing, shagging you is part of the deal. He wasn't too smooth it took him about ten minutes to undo my bra. OK so he had a great butt and the personal training sessions in the gym had obviously kept him a young 47 but he had this nervous affliction which meant that he laughed at everything, even when it wasn't funny. He was a clumsy lover, however he did have stamina so I overlooked the laughing thing and I lay back and thought of Dubai (or somewhere equally hot) gave him a blow job, shagged him several times and disappeared out of SE1 around 5am
Dinner number 2 in the garden was this mad restaraunt called Papageno which was an experience. Think I had fish again, I usually do. Yes it was monkfish. No sex that night (it's sometimes like that), just dinner with an intellectually stimulating man. He was great company but I didn't fancy him (no it's not a pre-requisite b ut it makes it more fun) so it was just as well desrt wasn't on the menu.
Have an interesting new client on the backburner at the moment. Wants to pay me a retainer of a ridiculous amount of money to have dinner with him and be his live in lover one night a week. The arrangement certainly suits.. depends on if he wants exclusivity, and how good he is in the sack. Seriously, for that amount of money he could be impotent. Who cares!
UKEscort girl

Saturday, September 08, 2007

As Much Pleasure As You Can Squeeze In.

Well I was a little flustered the other day because I had to go visit a new client who lived in the sticks (I saw two magnificent deer that night). Being my usual security conscious self, I'd rearranged our virgin rendevous to a daytime one, not least so I could see where I was going.
The reason why I was peed off was because my sat nav had decided to take me all around the houses to get to my appointment. In between driving round in circles down country lanes, losing my mobile signal and speaking with my date for directions a total of four times, I finally arrived all flustered and about forty-five minutes late.
No matter, apparantly i'm worth waiting for... Well so was he.. Over six foot tall, great looks and big strong hands. We sat and had a chat and a glass of wine (just one) and he was lovely as apple pie (with lots of cinnamon spice!) so I soon relaxed. After a bit of small talk and getting to know you (supposedly he's a big cheese in bathrooms) he took me to the bedroom and we gave eachother a right good seeing too.
This man was a treat. He'd made it all romantic and had scented candles everywhere and had put oil on the radiator to warm. The chemistry between us was electric and I was a number 11 on the arousal scale (it only goes up to 10)! My hot lover for the afternoon had one sole aim in life and that was to give me as much pleasure and as many orgasms as he could in the allocated time.
Now lets get one thing straight.. When i'm having a good time there is no such thing as allocated time and a one hour booking can quite easily turn into two or three (sometimes a lot more) hours just like this one did. Best bit was when he did me really hard (again) from behind while simultaneously giving me a cheeky spanking and massaging hot oil all over and into my body. Lovely!

Great job.
UK Escort Girl
Life and times of a UK Escort Girl

UK Escort Girl and The Sunday Times Recommends.

I had three chicken ceasar salads this week at three different 'posh' hotels. Namely the De Vere (not so posh), on Southampton City's waterfront - it was swimming in what seemed like a half pint of cheap mayonnaise - inedible; The Landmark hotel (posher), Marylebone, London - like yesterdays leftovers - couldn't eat more than a few bites; and finally The Goring Hotel (poshest), London SW1 - fresh, succulent, tasty, warm chicken breast, crisp toasted croutons, the freshest of leaves and the most amazing dressing - quite simply the best i've ever tasted. My dining partner was equally impressed with his meal and the service was excellent.
Later in the week, I did my usual Sunday morning thing of going back to bed with the papers and that self proclaimed food critic, you know the one you love to hate who name drops like his life depended on it bigs up the Goring Hotel in his column. I think its called Winners Dinners. Now I normally only read his column for a laugh, 'cause i'm always amazed at how arrogant he is (or is it pantomime??) and the 'readers put-downs' make amusing reading However, for once I had to agree with the overfed opinionated one, The Goring Hotel (or at least the food there) Rocks.

Have fun!
UK Esort Girl
life and times of a UK Escort Girl

Thursday, September 06, 2007

You Want Me To Do What?

Ok. Now i'm not one to judge, and it's not really my cup of tea but last month I had a really interesting dinner in a posh hotel restaraunt with a mature successful and wealthy businessman who wanted to pay me but did NOT want sex with me. He was offering to pay A LOT of money for me to do any and all of the following on a regular basis and he was absolutly straight faced when he told me he wanted me to:

  • make him stand in the corner and face the wall like a naughty boy for a couple of hours while I busy myself with my life.
  • eat my dinner (that he has served me) at the table while he kneels and eats his from a dog bowl on the floor (huh?)
  • order him to wash my car till it's spotlessly clean (ok that's cool)
  • demand he do all my heavy shopping, housework, DIY and menial chores (not a problem)
  • serve me and my friends drinks naked (him not us)
  • lead him around with a collar and lead
  • make him masturbate and forbid him to orgasm (and severely punish him if he does)
  • lick my feet and the inside of my shoes clean (now i'm out of my comfort zone)
  • command him to perform sex acts on me on demand (now that I can do)
  • give him the occasional hard spanking when he doesn't please me (or just for the hell of it)
and basically do what I want, when I want, and to my exact requirements.
You can add pretty much anything you want to the list. He basically told me that (as my slave )whatever my imagination could come up with, he would do it simply 'because I told him to'

Call me old fashioned but I declined.

Having a ball! Hope you are too.
Life and times of a Professional UK Escort

Friday, August 24, 2007

Ask And It Is Given!

I've had no time to visit my blog as i've been so busy working. I convinced myself (as I occasionally do) that I should go and get myself a proper job, (you know, with a career path, holiday pay, a company pension maybe) which I did. However, since I am not a trained barrister I have found (as I always do) that it's nigh on impossible to find a job that pays a barristers salary that I can walk into tomorrow and without around 7 years of training and several thousand pounds investment. Mmm.. I think not.
What other jobs pay such a comfortable yearly income and can keep me in the lifestyle that I've become accustomed with flexible hours and a long and impressive list of company perks for a few days work a month. I've narrowed it down to none.
So whilst I never really left the world of escorting (I admit it i'm hooker, I mean hooked), I am back with a vengeance.
I'm currently interviewing Sugar Daddies (I've upped my game and widened my stride). So far I've seen two and still have several first 'dates' lined up over the next week or so. My love life is positively buzzing again.
And this time I have set very specific criteria - as in MUST be filthy rich and very generous. Current list of suitors does not disappoint and have Bentley's, Porsches, tennis courts, international property portfolios, successful businesses, published books.. you get the picture. Must also be very intelligent and well travelled. No more Dicks (with their baggage, drama and hangups - tres boring) if you pardon the expression!. And guess what? I'm having the time of my life!!!
Enter the world of retainers and allowances, London pied a terres, country piles, housekeepers, luxury cars, 5 star hotels, exclusive restaraunts and unlimited international travel. I certainly put my marketing skills to good use this time. Ok so you might say i'm simply a kept woman.. well yes, technically I probably am.. but hey, no-one is being exploited here, we are all intelligent adults. Mutual requirements are very cleary stated and negotiated at the outset so what the f**k. Sticks and stones...

Hope you're having fun too.
life and times of a UK escortgirl
PS. I promise to come back soon.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Last Night I died & Went to Heaven!

Last night I died and went to heaven! Met (long term) client (K) around 8pm in bar of his hotel near London for a glass or two of wine.. flirting, friendly chit chat, catch-up, pleasantries and a laugh or two.
I have to tell you HE IS HOT! Ouch.. Scorching. Gives a new meaning to the word eye candy, oh and did I mention a body to die for. We both had that twinkle in our eye and I, for one, could not wait for him to take me to bed.

Its been a while since we had a date so I forgot just how HOT this guy is. But you know (and to dispel the myths about the type of client that sees working girls), i'm not just talking physical appearances here, this lover is the whole package.

Professional encounters aside, he is just my type of guy: Sexy, fun, interesting & intelligent (both pre-requisites for me), confident-not-arrogant, well-dressed/groomed, driven, own established business, very good-looking, strong, great physique, charming, a gentleman, a great lover, and VERY tactile. OMG what more can I say? He was into me and HE TURNED ME ON. I couldn't keep my hands off him (well, I guess that is the point lol).

I thoroughly enjoyed a good roasting and the feedback was enthusiastic. We played throughout the night and in the morning (this started off as a one-hour call..) and I even got to do some stuff that i'm usually rather bashful about... and loved it! Thanks babe, you know how to make a woman feel like some sort of sex Goddess.

AND Mr K is even gonna fix it for me sort out my fantasy (Should've mentioned it before.. Mr K says "no problem"). Lets just say arrangements will be made :-) More on this as and when ;-)

Was a shame to see the fanciable Mr K go off to the 'office' this morning after we shared room service which was actually our second (or was it third - lost count, lol) breakfast in bed.

And I get paid for this!?

I love my job and there is a God! lol


Having a whole lot of fun.

PS. Begs the question why do guys see working girls? Well, I will save the answer to that for another day but let's just say, personally i'm very choosy.. so its likely that your perception is probably wrong.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

London weekend: Five Star Service & Lots of outstandingly good sex.

Hi and hope you had as fab a weekend as I did.

2 nights at a very comfortable 5 star Central London hotel (you don't get more central than this), lots of wine, a Thames river cruise, pubs, sun, laughs, art, The London Eye, full English, room service, more wine, and LOTS of outstandingly good sex! Thank you!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A nice girl who just happens to like sex!

I decided on my new tag line for my business (MeInc):

A nice girl who happens to like sex!

Kind of sums me up really.

So does,

A Lady in the kitchen Whore in the bedroom

(or however that saying goes... anyone?)

but that just seemed a little too obvious

Another one I use is:
Insatiable fun-loving playmate with beauty ...and brains

All true, but maybe it needs work.

So today I asked some of my regular clients to write me a testimonial. Nothing fancy, just some objective opinions. I'm really looking forward to their response.

Maybe i'll post them here (anon of course) depends how nice they are to me :-)

Anyway, enough of my rambling. I'll be back when I have something more juicy to tell you.

A (Very) nice girl who just happens to love sex!

Wanna be a porn star?

Well that's easy. Just head on over to the latest and very professional adult job site and get yourself a profile (I did, - but not to be a porn star I might add) and the internet's biggest adult industry recruitment agency will make sure you are seen by the hundreds of registered and fully paid up employers that are looking for guys and gals just like you.

However, sense of humour is definitely required. One applicant (whose name I wont mention) opens her CV with the following:

6ft Of Real Cam Video !!! Mature and Dependable, ALL NATURAL and VERY OPEN. Experienced in WebModelling, Photo and Video. Open to Travel !!

I think the beautiful young and talented lady got her point across very well... She's open! Very open.

Not forgetting Miss resourceful...

I am creative, imaginative, energetic and ready to take on anything. I am especially looking for a texting position.

She's certainly looking for a challenge. Anyway good luck to her and to all the candidates on the site including me (Actually I was offered a post within 24 hours - Alas my absolute discretion means the post shall remain a secret).

But back to the site. From a business point of view (I know a little about such things). It's a pretty slick operation and has the functionality of any respectable mainstream online recruitment site. There are categories for adult clubs, adult video, professional (escorts etc.), technology, fetish, magazine work, models and performers.. the list goes on.

You might also find some intriguing listings such as the 'executive' seeking a personal PA/concierge/playmate, another exec seeking a 'sex-slave escort. Pay? $3000 a day (time to get submissive ?). Then there's the production company seeking 'the next Jenna Jameson'.

And it's not just US jobs being advertised, there are plenty of UK ones too Web Cam performers, sex chat operators, escorts, actresses (porn stars).

But wait, the following (US) video production company ad was the one that made me laugh the most:

Love To Give Bj's? We Have Work For You? $200-$500 Per Shoot?

(shoot being the operative word i'm guessing lol)

I kid you not

Bye for now, I'm off to have some fun

for a true GFE

Friday, March 02, 2007

Scandalous Handbags

If you ask me the world has gone crazy. I mean really, I like shopping as much as the next person but £20,000+ for a handbag (£23,484 to be precise -see link further down article) is ludicrous and bl**dy well obscene.
The latest must have arm candy handbags are so in demand. The shrewd designers stir up a frenzy by creating a waiting list for the latest Chanel, Gucci, Chloe with whatever cute name they decide to give to the latest handbag.
Now because most mere mortals cannot afford to actually own one of these extortionately priced status symbols a whole new market has emerged. Rent a designer handbag.

This is so popular it's scorching hot. There's frequently a waiting list to rent.

Apparantly for the princely sum of around £65-£90 you can hire-a-designer-bag for one month and always have the latest must-have designer bag on your arm and the supposed kudos that goes with it.

Allegedly handbags are the new clothes and all the designers are spending much more of their time designing handbags because of the ridiculous prices they can demand. Implying you can look like crap but still be Ms popular a la Paris, Kate and Victoria (Hilton, Moss and Beckham) because you can have the latest most desirable (unaffordable) handbag dangling from your wrist for a fraction of its retail value.

Mmm, there might just be something in this.... After all a girls got to look her best for her clients.
Oh, and the 20k handbag? It's here: The Louis Vuitton Tribute Bag I'm saying nuthin'

Life and times of a UK Escort
picture: Chloe Paddington beige handbag (also available in silver). Wait List at Rental £88 per month

What's UKEscortGirl up to?

This week:

Weekend with MG seaside town hotel, entertaining date (eager, if not predictable but snores) drinks, dinners, lunches, Mussels, Magners, Wine, Sunday lunch @ Browns, shopping, looking at property.
Night with Lover
Dinner with girlfriend - fab, more fish (swordfish) and wine.
Dinner no 2 with oldest (as in time) girlfriends

Working on business
A long lost (and very sexy) client emails wanting to see me again

I have regular texts, calls, emails from most of my clients. They're all rather protective
MC is off to the Carribbean again want to go too he's so much fun but has his Caribbean Queen over there so not possible
Have left a couple of nights free for last minute bookings

Life and times of a UK escort


I'm just getting it together with plans for a new website and goals for the year ahead (yes, I do that too). They include:

One night a week in London in 4/5* hotel

One full week off per month

Fulfil some of my sexual fantasies (not for public consumption.. yet).

More regular clients (of my own choosing) and a couple of new ones every month

Marketing my business online and offline (yes it's a business)

Lots of holidays (working and private)

Personal Financial Goals

A nice(r) place to live

Pretty normal run of the mill stuff don't you think?

life & times of a uk escort

PS. Actually number three's pretty racy but I'll share that with you another time.

Talk About Getting Paid to Enjoy Yourself!

One of the best things about my job is that my JD includes being a travel companion. I have been to the Far East, to Africa (twice), Canada, Spain, Ireland, Scotland and countless other places on 'working holidays'.

Client wants company for his overseas trip (he may or may not be on business) so he organises an all expenses paid trip for his companion (me), some spending money upfront and a big fat fee. Sometimes I will take care of the travel arrangements according to a specified budget. This suits my favourite PA fantasy to a tee!

Once away I have the following to worry about... exploring new place, entertaining my date, eating lots of good food, drinking lots of good wine and champagne, lying in the sun topping up my tan, having lots of massages and beauty treatments, staying up late having fun.

Nice Work!

life and times of a UK Escort

Thursday, March 01, 2007

So What Do You Do For A Living?

Last night I was at dinner with a girlfriend and we got chatting to an interesting young couple at the adjacent table. He a yacht designer, she a teacher of languages. When they asked what I did for a living I nearly spat out my wine. My girlfriend who is in the know gave me a look. Girlfriend knows what I do for a living (most don't) but somehow you don't just blurt out 'Well actually, i'm a professional escort/companion/courtesan/whore/(put whatever you like in)' to complete strangers. Do you?? It's not that i'm ashamed of what I do.. Far from it, I'd like to shout it from the rooftops and tell everyone what a great time i'm having. I assume most people just wouldn't get it. One of these days if i'm feeling brave, i'm going to test out the theory to see what reaction I get... or perhaps I can do some sort of survey? (MORI?)

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A little bit of me

I'm a young attractive, intelligent professional escort. I have a Bachelor of Science degree. I have held management positions and run my own businesses. I love my work. I love people. I choose when I want to work and who I want to spend time with and I have the ability t0 earn good money equal to that of a well paid lawyer. I like the excitement of an encounter with someone new but prefer to entertain a select clientele of regular 'friends'. I like socialising, entertaining, intelligent conversation, getting to know people, psychology, spirituality, current affairs, a bit of politics (not too much thanks i'm trying to have fun), eating out, good food, great wine, travel, shopping, looking and feeling good and this is the perfect job for me. It is not my life but a big and special part of my life. I truly believe all women should try my job. Its liberating, exhilirating, exciting, empowering, lots of fun and can be extremely satisfying in more ways than you can imagine.

Come on In and Welcome to My Blog!

Hello and welcome to my blog!